Double Glazed Acoustic Glass Partition System

Double Glazed Acoustic Glass Partition System


The COMO Glass Partitioning System would be the choice system for customers looking for a high performance yet seamless product.
This system has a double glazed configuration with two layers of glass panels (each between 10 to 12mm thick) and an air gap in-between the glass panels. Tested at an accredited acoustic laboratory complying with the ASTM E413 standard, the COMO Glass Partitioning System (Laminated Glass) achieves a Sound Transmission Class of STC = 49. Different thicknesses of glass can also be arranged to deliver a solution that meets the project’s acoustic specification and budget.
For its ability to reduce noise remarkably, this product is suitable for the conference room, director’s room or telephone pods, which typically requires higher acoustic assurance.

Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.


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