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Tech Panels

Tech Panels are the bespoke panels that are designed to integrate seamlessly with our office partition systems. With the use of tech panels, systems such as room booking systems can be mounted to the front of the tech panel or recessed. Additionally, cabling can also be concealed within the cavity and kept out of sight.
At ISP, we offer tech panels with two types of finishes to meet different requirements. One of them comes with a laminated glass finish, whereas the other has an aluminium finish for a flushed look. Both choice of tech panels are designed to fit within the glazing track, fully sealed into position to retain the acoustic integrity of the room!

Automatic Sliding Door

Curved glass design provides designers with the freedom to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing curved glazed facades where straightness, corners and edges can be enhanced with soft curves.
This product is commonly used and requested for at the main entrance and work zones where traffic flow is heavy for convenience and easy access.

Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.


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