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Acoustic Doors.

Our acoustic doors are ideal for offices and meeting rooms that require high sound insulation. From the heavy-duty hinges to customized drop seal, every detail of the door set has been looked at to ensure its acoustic performance.

SOLO Frameless Door

The SOLO Frameless Door is a single glazed 12mm clear tempered glass door with a frameless glass door leaf.

SOLO Framed Door

The SOLO Framed Door is a single glazed 12mm clear tempered glass door with an aluminium frame.

SOLO Sliding Door

The SOLO Sliding Door is a single glazed 10mm tempered glass door which is the ideal product for smaller offices or a tight space.

SOLO PLUS Framed Door

The SOLO PLUS Door is a single glazed door panel that is set in a double glazed door track. Ideal for rooms that may have varying acoustic requirements.

COMO Framed Door

The COMO Framed Door features a double glazed glass door that offers high acoustic barrier.

Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.


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