Single Glazed Acoustic Sliding Glass Door

Single Glazed Acoustic Glass Door

SOLO Sliding Door

The SOLO Sliding Door is a single glazed 10mm tempered glass door which is the ideal product for smaller offices or a tight space. A Sliding Door helps to maximise the floor space of the walkway while maintaining a streamlined and sleek appearance.
By default, the SOLO Sliding Door is readily available in two colours – Sandtex Black and Anodised Silver. The SOLO Sliding Door has an acoustic barrier of STC = 26, and it is fully compatible with the SOLO Glass Partitioning System.
When the SOLO SDS is in a sliding motion along the door track, its movement is firm and smooth due to the use of the high-quality roller and track mechanism installed in the system. Additionally, this sliding door system is also completed with soft-closing dampers, to ensure that it opens and closes silently and softly each time.

Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.


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