Modernity in the office with Glass Partitions

Modernity in the office with Glass Partitions

This article features a recently completed project for a global venture capital firm. For this site, the meeting rooms are done up with single-glazed glass partitioning system (SOLO P30), incorporated curved glass design and switchable glass design. Additionally, it also features both the SOLO Framed Door, as well as SOLO Sliding Door.

Project Details

Practicality in acoustic design

Upon entering the room, users will be greeted with the main conference room. It was crafted with single glazed partition system with curved glass design that guides the flow of the space with its slight curve. As a result, this influences the sense of modernity in the office, making every element of the space work together seamlessly.

The aesthetic of the partition is attractive and sleek, with its modest curve giving the office a sense of life through our partition intelligently responding to the contours of the space. Steering away from the conventionally straight base and head tracks affect the overall feel of the offices, giving the space a friendlier, lighter-hearted tone.

Switchable Smart Glass for the Conference Room

Switchable smart glass, which is also known as magic glass, provides instant visual privacy at the flick of a switch. When switched on, an electrical current is applied which changes the properties of the glass and instantly turns it from opaque to clear. It is a popular choice for boardrooms and conference rooms, as it provides a versatile and stylish solution. Above all, switchable glass can easily be incorporated into single and double glazed systems.

Bespoke Frame Colours

Customising the colour of the glass partition frames can assist in enhancing the design as a whole. For this site, we have customised the frames in champagne gold. Bespoke frame colours are an easy yet effective way of ensuring that the glass partition system complements the design and interior vision, keeping the style consistent throughout the workspace.

Offering a myriad of colour option to choose from, partition frames can even be customised with the branding colours of the client to strengthen the brand identity of the office! Our finishes are created using powder coating – the colours and textures are applied as a free-flowing, dry powder instead of liquid.

Wellbeing prioritised with maximum natural light in this project

Diverse and adaptable, our glass partitioning system ensures visual privacy throughout your fit-out design without compromising style, creative vision, privacy and natural light. It also adds a level of professionalism to any modern office. We are happy and proud to co-create this workspace.

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Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.


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