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Maximise Space With Glass Sliding Door System

This article features a recently completed shophouse office project, located along South Bridge Road for a retailer of luxury goods. For this project, we have integrated the use of a customised Glass Divider, SOLO Glass Partitioning System; and our latest product, the SOLO Sliding Door System.

Project Details

  • Maximise Space With Glass Sliding Door System - Sliding Door Open
  • Maximise Space With Glass Sliding Door System - Sliding Door Exterior View

Sectioning Individual Waiting Zones with Glass Divider

Upon entering the office, the cosy reception corner features plush armchairs and floor- to-ceiling glass dividers, effortlessly segmenting the space into individual waiting zones. Constructed with our single-glazed glass panel, the glass divider was also customised to feature a panelled framework glazing – a popular design for modern aesthetics!

Additionally, manifestation was also applied on selected panels to provide an element of privacy for visitors, whilst allowing the flow of natural light within the office space.

Maximising Space with Sliding Door System

Following the flow of the office, visitors will be greeted with the meeting rooms that are right across the reception corner. The meeting rooms are fitted-out with the minimalistic SOLO Glass Partitioning System, and our latest product – SOLO Sliding Door System (SOLO SDS), which helps to maximise the floor space of the walkway.

By default, the SOLO SDS is readily available in two colours – Sandtex Black and Anodised Silver. Additionally, it also comes with a standard frame size of 1,000mm (width) x 3,000mm (height), and a standard track size of 30mm (width) x 80mm (height).

Tested at an accredited laboratory, the SOLO SDS has an acoustic barrier of STC = 26, and it is fully compatible with the SOLO Glass Partitioning System. To boot, our sliding door system features a soft-closing mechanism which prevents instances of loud slams from running doors! This ensures the door closes silently and softly, complementing the elegance of the interior.

Maximise Space With Glass Sliding Door System - Glass Divider

01 – Glass Divider with Transom Design

Maximise Space With Glass Sliding Door System - Sliding Door Interior View

02 – Solo Sliding Door System

Overall, this project captures the functionality of a cosy shophouse office, and we are glad to be the chosen vendor, co-building this space!

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