Enhancing Workplace Privacy with Acoustic Glass Partition

Enhancing Workplace Privacy with Acoustic Glass Partition

This article features a recently completed project for the headquarters of a Singapore Telehealth institution. Spanning over 15,000 sq. ft, this office space occupies the entire penthouse unit along Alexandra Road with an unobstructed sea and city view. For this site, the meeting rooms are done up with single-glazed glass partitioning system (SOLO) and double-glazed glass system (COMO).

Project Details

A range of spaces to suit different styles of productivity

With a hybrid work approach, employees are free to return to the new office for social connections, meetings and collaboration. Hence, there are various work zones designed to support different working styles.

With a combination of open-space workstations (café-style booths, benches and collaboration tables) these spaces promote cross-team collaboration and encourage employees to strike up impromptu conversations.

Apart from the main open-plan office, there are six other breakout rooms and the main boardroom for private discussions and meetings.

Privacy meets acoustic performance

Acoustic privacy was a key design requirement for this new open-plan office to ensure productivity at work. Hence, the aforementioned boardroom and breakout rooms are fitted with acoustic glass partitioning system which provides sound control and great light transmission in this open-space office.

The boardroom is fitted with our COMO glass partitioning system and framed door. The COMO glass partitioning system features a double-glazed configuration with two layers of glass panel which reduces noise remarkably. Hence, it was the ideal choice for the boardroom which requires higher acoustic assurance. Fitted with the COMO glass partition, the boardroom is an elegant and stylish fixture, akin to being the centrepiece of the office.

On the other hand, the breakout rooms which are typically used for informal meetings or discussions are fitting with our SOLO P30 glass partitioning system and framed door. SOLO P30 glass partitioning system has stereoscopic design visibility and adds a contemporary and modern touch to any workspace. With a single-glazed configuration, this product eludes elegance whilst providing a degree of privacy and acoustic separation.

Wellbeing prioritised with maximum natural light in this project

One of the key features of this penthouse unit would be the floor-to-ceiling windows which let in maximum natural light flow. The use of acoustic glass partitioning walls for the meeting rooms, allows natural light to bounce through the hallway illuminating each individual room with a warming glow.

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