Incorporating Switchable Smart Glass in Workspace Design

Incorporating Switchable Smart Glass in Workspace Design

This article features a recently completed project for an MNC in the manufacturing sector. This project incorporated the use of 2 main systems – our classic SOLO P30 Glass Partitioning System with Framed Door and the COMO Glass Partitioning System with Spray-Paint Door. To add to the design privacy element for the conference room, the COMO System is also fitted with Switchable Smart Glass design.

Project Details

Maximising Natural Light

There are over 30 private rooms built in this workspace. Our acoustic glass partitions walls were used to create these working environments whilst ensuring acoustic privacy is maintained throughout. By integrating glass partitions throughout the design, it allows the workspace to maximise the amount of natural light flowing through this fit-out.

Switchable Smart Glass for the Conference Room

Switchable smart glass, which is also known as magic glass, provides instant visual privacy at the flick of a switch. When switched on, an electrical current is applied which changes the properties of the glass and instantly turns it from opaque to clear. It is a popular choice for boardrooms and conference rooms, as it provides a versatile and stylish solution. Above all, switchable glass can easily be incorporated into single and double glazed systems.

Key Features of our Smart Glass Design

Smart Glass Film is protected between the Panels

Instead of having the smart glass film pasted on the glass panel, our smart glass film will be situated within the glass panel. This helps to protect the film from surface scratches and potential spoilage from daily maintenance. For example, when cleaning agent such as water and detergent is in contact with the film, it might cause the film to bubble up. Additionally, it also speeds up the wear and tear effect.

Ability to customise Client’s Branding and Logo

The key property of this film is its versatility to turn from opaque to clear. We are able to allow customisation on the glass panel so that when the film turns opaque, the design element can be seen. Some of our clients have opted to include their brand identity elements such as the brand’s logo or tagline. With different options and customisations available, the design possibilities are endless.
Customising of Logo on Switchable Smart Glass

Uncompromised Sound Insulation

Smart Glass Film can be fitted in our COMO (double-glazed) laminated glass system which offers a sound insulation rating of STC = 49. This is ideal for boardroom or conference rooms that require a high level of acoustic privacy.

Diverse and adaptable, our glass partitioning system ensures visual privacy throughout your fit-out design without compromising style, creative vision, privacy and natural light. It also adds a level of professionalism to any modern office. We are happy and proud to co-create this workspace. 

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