Double glazed laminated glass has many advantages. It acts as an insulating sound barrier for privacy, keeps the interiors of your room cool from the heat outside and can withstand impacts more effectively.

Double glazed glass panels basically consist of two layers of glass panes separated by an air gap. The space between acts as an insulative barrier for sound and heat. Of course, glass panes are prone to breakage. For stronger glass that is less easy to shatter, we highly recommend using double glazed laminated glass panels that are made especially for safety.

These type of reinforced glass panels are suitable for office meeting rooms, VIP rooms, main glass doors, retail windows, glass flooring and more. Here at Integrate Systems Panel, we have been trusted by clients and interior designers in Singapore for more than 20 years and we can provide the best glass panel solutions for you!


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Added Safety and Security

Not only is this range of glass panels impact resistant, the way it is made enables it to hold the glass shards together when broken so that it does not shatter and cause unwanted injuries. It is many times stronger and more durable than normal glass panes which makes it ideal for the enhancement of security measures.


Eliminates Noise Pollution

The inherent nature of the double glazed laminated glass creates an insulative barrier for sound to travel through. This is great when you want to have a quiet meeting space in the office and drown out the noise outside for better focus and productivity. Similarly, using these glass panels for your home windows creates a more peaceful environment.


Increased Durability

Obviously, being a lot stronger than normal glass, double glazed laminated glass panels are more durable and needs to be replaced less frequently. This translates into more cost-savings in the long run and lesser replacement hassle.

At Integrate Systems Panel, we manufacture the highest quality double glazed laminated glass panels available in both straight and curved designs for greater versatility and aesthetics. Feel free to drop us an enquiry and let us help you achieve your interior design goals today!


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