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A Smart Defence Against UV Rays

Smart/Magic glass panels are specially manufactured with the improved capacity of blocking out destructive UV rays from the sun. UV rays are known to tarnish the quality of furniture through prolonged exposure, making it an essential design feature in a tropical country like Singapore, where the battle against humidity and the glare of the sun is often a yearlong struggle.


Compared to conventional glass, which requires constant care with potentially expensive cleaning agents, magic/smart panes are dust-free and easily wiped down, keeping them spotless for a longer period. No more fretting over maintenance woes.


The special panes double up as a mirror or projection screen when switched to translucent mode.



Perhaps the most amazing aspect and central feature of the smart glass is its customisable opacity. The electrically-switchable technology toggles light that permeates the panes.


A shifting opacity means no more pricey blinds and curtains! The magic glass panels will offer you the level of privacy and protection you need without any additional cost. Save loads with this convenient technology.

Our company has over two decades of experience in the glass installation field and we are considered experts in this industry. We also have a 24-hour customer service support to provide you with quality assurance up till your installation.

The laminated Magic Glass from Integrate Systems Panel will complement your space, be it as a wall partition or window, the novel design will add a sleek touch of technology to your décor.

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