Integrate Systems Panel specializes in glass panel manufacture and installation. We offer a wide array of glass panels including Smart Glass Screens.

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You’re just a step away from an all-in-one nuisance proofing solution.



At first glance, these glass panels will look like any other ordinary transparent glass.

However, they’re actually able to transform into a High Definition (HD) projection surface, simply by clicking a button on a remote that’s specifically designed for our multi-purpose glass.

They’re also able to transform overall glass outlook from an entirely transparent one to a frosted display with a click of a button from that same aforementioned remote.


Seeing as to how Smart Glass Screens can transform into HD projection surfaces, it’s evident how they’re highly presentation friendly and cost-efficient.

Gone are the days when you’d have to look for a separate projector screen for presentations.

Now, with Smart Glass Screens, you can just project it on our projection-friendly glass, all made possible thanks to our Smart Glass Screen technology and its handy remote.



As mentioned previously, our Smart Glass Screens don’t only transform ordinary looking glass to presentation-friendly surface areas, it’s able to change opacity too.

This will prove beneficial for meetings of contents that ought to be kept confidential.

Although this would have previously been possible with the help of blinds or curtains, why splurge on them when you can simply transform the glass opacity including those that you’d like for them to be covered for privacy reasons?


When curtains and blinds are in question, it’s a wonder if these Smart Glass Screens and all the transformations it beholds are able to block extra glaring sunlight from filtering in.

Yes, they can.

They’re able to be so opaque till there isn’t an immense need for blackout curtains or sun block blinds.

Furthermore, our Smart Glass Screen have all been certified to block 98% of Ultra-Violet Rays.  

Equipped with the know-hows after having a hand in this industry for over 20 years, we, Integrate Systems Panel,  ensure you efficient services of top-notch quality.

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