Curved glass refers to bent glass, a highly versatile building material that holds almost limitless possibilities for architects. When used for architecture and interior design, curved glass can be seen as is a form of art, especially in the manufacturing of curved tempered glass for contemporary applications. It is an extremely durable material that is safe and easy to maintain.

Integrate Systems Panel is Singapore’s leading sound-insulation glass partition manufacturer, offering you the best in radial glass bending available. With state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we are able to implement many features such as solar control, thermal and acoustic insulation for curved glass products. We have single and double-glazed curved glass products, which can be used for many types of external and internal applications.

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Curved glass is an aesthetic winner – the flow and flexibility of this material allows an unprecedented level of creativity in the design of a structure. It is a highly adaptable material which provides opportunities for both flair and structural capability. The execution of perfect curves gives architects the freedom to explore more organic and fluid concepts.



Curved glass is highly load resistant. When engineered properly, its arched structure can minimise deflection. Additionally, incorporating curved glass in a building’s design can possibly reduce the use of other building materials which would otherwise be needed to maintain structural integrity. Consequently, this can lead to a reduction in building costs.


Curved glass, a transparent material, is a creative way to enrich a building with natural light. It allows natural light to enter into and travel through a building. In addition, curved glass allows architects to maximise the amount of natural light penetration.

Having natural light within a building also creates a more pleasant environment for those working or living within it. With natural light, energy consumption can also be reduced, especially when special thermal coatings are applied to the glass.

At Integrate Systems Panel, we partner you in bringing bespoke ideas to life. With more than twenty years of expertise, we assure you both quality products and top-notch service. We guarantee a 24-hour service response, and provide 24-hour after-sales support as well.

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