Office Elegance With Glass Partitioning System

Office Elegance With Glass Partitioning System

Curved glass partitions inject a sense of elegance into the stunning new office for an information technology company! The curved glass design was used on SOLO P30 single-glazed glass partitions with framed and frameless doors. The office design introduces a beautiful reception area with curved glass partitions and a neutral palette. Read through to find out more!

Project Details

Elude Sophistication with Curved Glass Partition

Curved glass design provides aesthetically pleasing curved glazed facades that elude a sense of sophistication. The curved glass design is a treatment for glass partitions to allow designers the freedom of innovation. This design can be applied on single-glazed glass, as well as double-glazed glass.

For this project, we have applied this glass design to our SOLO P30 System, which is a single-glazed glass partition. SOLO P30 is the choice system for clients who are looking for a visually minimal and sleek glass partitioning system that helps to evoke a sense of openness and also creates the illusion of a brighter, larger space. A versatile system, the SOLO 30 Glass Partitioning System can be fitted with either 12MM Clear Tempered Glass (STC = 31) or 12.14MM Laminated Glass.

Therefore, this gives the offices excellent acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal and creates a natural flow throughout the office space. It is often important to provide some private areas in an open-plan design and these curved glass partitions offer the perfect solution.

Sleek Use of Doors

The doors used in this project are from our SOLO series, which fits perfectly with our SOLO Glass Partitioning System. They are the SOLO Framed Door, and the SOLO Frameless Door – single-glazed doors with standard ironmongery (the exposed hinge, drop seal, door frame, and door seal). The frameless glass doors perfectly complemented the clean lines and simple detailing of the glazed partitioning system. Featuring visually invisible dry joints between the glazed panels, the SOLO frameless door was specifically designed to achieve the acoustics of STC = 28.

In addition, some of the curved glass partitions incorporate tech panels with these doors. The partitions give the impression of a modern minimalist look with maximum acoustic benefit in its category to fit the design perfectly.

Equally important, the interior palette consisted of minimal colours, materials, and finishes to create a high-end, luxurious open office space for the team. The natural materials, particularly the use of wood in the design add to the warm feel of the space.

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