Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions - Cover

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions

This article place focus on our latest work done for our client, whose office is located just a stone’s throw away from the Central Business District! For this project, we have incorporated the use of our single-glazed glass partitioning (SOLO System), frameless glass doors, powder coated the partition frames, and also worked on panelled glazing with slim aluminium framework!

Project Details

  • Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions - Conference Room
  • Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions – Frameless Glass Door

Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms

Our classic collection – SOLO Partition were the choice system for the meeting rooms. Accompanied with our acoustic frameless glass door which achieved a sound transmission class of STC = 28, these partitions not only elegantly sections space, it also acts as sound reduction panels to ensure acoustics privacy and prevents disturbance when a meeting is ongoing. In addition, the transparent glass panel’s minimalistic look also serves as the perfect canvas for installation of eye-catching manifestations, which function as both visual privacy for the offices, as well as adding another attractive visual element to the partition.

Office Space

Breakout space within the office are also sectioned by our SOLO Partition Systems which carries the natural light flow through the workspace! The bespoke white frames work in harmony with the clean walls, contrasting with the light wood panels and flooring. With the partitions lining the hallway, it formed a sleek and illuminated walkway, which is undoubtedly an aesthetic feature of the modern office fit-out.

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions - Hallway

01 – Hallway

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions – Exterior of Conference Room

02 – Meeting Room

Kitchen/Pantry Area

Over at the kitchen/pantry area, staff are treated to a view of Singapore’s iconic landmark – Singapore Flyer and Gardens By The Bay! The clever pairing of half-height glass partition on half-height wall helps to allow natural light flow, whilst still concealing the sink and preparation area.

To complement the brick-wall design, the choice of glass partitions were of course, our industrial-style panels. Formed by a slim aluminium framework that is bonded to the glass vertically and horizontally to retains its structural stability, this edgy look is an essential for the modern workspace!

Furthermore, with our acoustic glass partition installed, it helps to reduce noise intrusions between the office space and kitchen area, providing an excellent working environment.

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions - Pantry

03 – Work Zone

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions - Kitchen

04 – Kitchen/Pantry Area

Wellbeing prioritised with maximum natural light in this project

Overall, this space boasts beautiful modern flairs with the functionality of efficient working space. It accommodates a variety of ways in which people can work in. Boardrooms and meeting areas provide a space with little chance of disturbance whilst smaller meeting rooms and breakout areas allow for focused individual work, designed to increase staff wellbeing and efficiency.

A good office environment helps to increase individual and/or group productivity. With the use of ISP’s glass partitioning, it allows natural light flow and visual connectivity across the workspace, whilst providing acoustic privacy! Get in touch for custom acoustic glass that creates a great working environment today!

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions – Framed Glass Door

05 – Meeting Room

Showcasing Unique Decal on Glass Partitions - Breakout Zone

06 – Breakout Zone

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