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Acoustic Glass Partitioning for a Learning Institution

As an institution that is dedicated to excellence in language teaching in Singapore, our client envisions the final fit-out to elude vibes of a nurturing and student-centred learning environment. In this project, we have incorporated the use of our SOLO P60 Glass Partitioning System, the single-glazed glass partitioning, which is an excellent way to divide a space into different purposes but still allowing for a naturally-lit environment.

Project Details

Vibrant Environment

Vivid colours are known to improve studying performance by increasing one’s alertness and the brain’s neural activity. With orange being associated with fun and yellow being synonymous with creativity, optimism and confidence; the combination of orange and yellow are one of the best for a learning environment! These sentiments are also relayed through the colour choice for the partition frame that greets you at the door with a pop of sunshine.

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Acoustic and Visual Privacy

Created with the SOLO P60 Glass Partitioning System (single-glazed glass partitioning), the transparent glass panels use minimal components to evoke a sense of openness, encouraging the flow of natural light through the learning centre, whilst managing the acoustic level of the room.

Other than its ability to create a brighter and acoustically comfortable space, our systems are also highly customisable. In this project, each classroom has a strip of vermilion-coloured laminate in the middle section of the full-length glass panel. This vibrant feature stands out against the white walls and light-wood timber doors, bringing cheer and personality to the centre! On the functional aspect, the solid strip prevents students in the classroom from getting distracted by the happenings from the main break-out area, allowing them to focus. Likewise, anyone who happens to pass by these rooms would not be able to peer into them, allowing students to learn in privacy.

Good acoustic performance is essential for learning; it aids communication between teachers and students and improves study activities. We are glad to be the choice of vendor for this project, co-creating this vibrant space that marks the start of inspiring learning journeys. At ISP, our range of acoustic glass partition product is designed with simplicity in mind to complement any design ideas. If custom and specialised partitions are needed, our glass partition combinations can be designed to suit the diverse needs of a modern workplace.

Our products also offer reliable acoustic control and they are also tested for their acoustic performance at TÜV SÜD PSB, an accredited laboratory under Singapore Accreditation Council Singapore Laboratory Accreditation (SAC-Singlas) Scheme.

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