Utilizing Elegant Glass Partitions for Co-working Space

Utilizing Elegant Glass Partitions for Co-working Space

This article features a recently completed fit-out for a serviced office provider that has recently launched a new outlet located at Pacific Tech Center. This co-working space takes on a modern industrial theme, and it also offers a collection of flexible workspaces that support varying team sizes and diverse business needs.

Project Details

Contemporary Design for Flexible Working

The key system in use was our signature SOLO Glass Partitioning System (single-glazed partition). The integration of this system helps to seamlessly segment work zones and break up the office space to create a variety of flexible private offices and meeting rooms.

To accentuate the industrial design theme of this project, we have also integrated various glass design styles – the transom design and reeded glass design elements into our system. Transom Glass Design is a popular design feature that showcases a slimline aluminium framework bonded to the glass. This elegant addition help to enhance the industrial design theme of this workspace, and it also allows natural light to stream through the design. As a result, this system creates an airy and inviting co-working environment.

One quintessential requirement when creating this flexible workspace was the ability for users to maintain an aspect of privacy. Therefore, we have placed a row of reeded glass through the middle section of the glass partitions. This semi-obscure glass design helps maintain a level of visual privacy for the users of this office space and still allows for light to flow freely throughout the workspace.

Acoustic Performance is Significant in a
Co-working Environment

The acoustics level plays a significant role in any co-working office in creating a comfortable and productive work environment. Computed according to ASTM E413, our SOLO Glass Partitioning System has a sound insulation rating of STC = 31 for Tempered Glass and STC = 38 for Laminated Glass.

Hence, with the use of our glass partitioning systems, we have created a variety of private offices with different sizes and styles for this project that addresses acoustic privacy.

As a result, the dynamic system provides a striking aesthetic that also delivers amazing acoustic performance, ensuring a comfortable and effective working environment for all.

ISP - Coworking Space Corridor with Glass Partition Wall

01 – Meeting Rooms

ISP - Glass Partition with Reeded Glass Design

02 – Conference Room

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