Modern and Minimal fit-out with Glass Partitions

Modern and Minimal fit-out with Glass Partitions

This article features a recently completed project for an investment firm with a modern and minimal fit-out for its new office located at 6 Battery Road. This project incorporated the use of our classic SOLO P30 Glass Partitioning System and SOLO Framed Door.

Project Details

Natural light at the heart of the design

Natural light plays a key role in creating a healthy and productive working space. The SOLO P30 is an elegant glass partitioning system that is sleek and minimal.  Hence, it helps to evoke a sense of openness and allows for natural light to shine through, creating a bright working environment. Additionally, the SOLO P30 offers an acoustic performance of STC = 31 for clear tempered glass usage, which is suitable for standard office usage. 

With a matching framed door, this sophisticated system provides ideal acoustic performance for employees to work in an acoustically comfortable environment. At the same time, this system encourages the flow of natural light, enhancing the wellbeing and productivity of occupants.

Customised Glass Panel Frame

For this project, we have also performed customisation works that add to the modern and minimalistic theme. 

Firstly, the client had a requirement for the glass partitioning system to fit the shape of the building’s structure, to ensure the clear segregation of space in a modern manner. As such, our team at ISP has customised a glass panel and frame to seamlessly fit the nooks of the building’s structure. This also helps to avoid the situation of flanking transmission

Secondly, to complement the clean lines and crisp detail of the overall theme, the client has requested an additional frame at the joint of two glass panels. This helps provide a visually balanced look that complements the overall minimal look.

Customised Glass Panel Frame

01 – Customised Glass Panel Frame

Additional Frame at Glass Joints

02 – Additional Frame at Glass Joints

The design of this fit-out encompasses modernity and minimalism. The use of our single-glazed partitioning system and framed door allows natural light to cascade into the office zone, which gives further depth to the sandtex black panel frames and dark fixtures and furniture.

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