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Improving Office Productivity With Acoustic Glass Partitions

Improving Office Productivity With Acoustic Glass Partitions

In a recent project for a prominent shipping company, we modernized office spaces with our innovative acoustic glazed panels and doors.

Upon entering the office, visitors encounter meeting rooms designed for high-privacy conversations. These rooms feature COMO Glass Panel, a double glazed glass partition for sound transmission reduction and magic glass for visual privacy. Magic Glass, also known as Switchable or Smart Glass, offers instant privacy transformation at the touch of a button, ideal for environments where privacy and flexibility are key.

Project Details

Modern Meeting Room Designs

Moving deeper into the office, meeting rooms boast our SOLO P30 Glass Panel, paired with SOLO Framed Door and Tech Panel integrating the room booking system. Our SOLO single glazed glass panels offer commendable sound reduction, suitable for routine meetings. Adorned with glass manifestation stickers for visual privacy, these meeting rooms exude professionalism. Moreover, each room features segmented glass design, adding a touch of sophistication. Segmented glass design utilizes geometric patterns, creating an aesthetically pleasing partition that enhances privacy while allowing natural light to permeate the space.

Versatile Acoustic Glass Panels

The benefits of acoustic glass panels in the workspace are multifaceted. They provide enhanced sound insulation, reduce noise distractions, offer visual privacy without compromising on natural light transmission, and contribute to a modern aesthetic. Additionally, tech panels seamlessly integrated between chosen acoustic doors and panels enhance functionality while maintaining aesthetic consistency. These panels serve as a hub for light switches and electronic devices, streamlining operations and optimizing space utilization.

This project exemplifies the innovative potential of acoustic glass panels in modern office design. By prioritizing privacy, productivity, and aesthetics, we have created a workspace that inspires creativity and collaboration among employees.

As we continue to innovate and refine our offerings, we remain committed to empowering businesses with solutions that redefine the way we work and interact within office environments.

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Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.



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