If you want more space and versatility at the most affordable cost for your office, you might consider having an operable wall system installed. Solid and permanent cement walls and even a wall panel (the ones that sound hollow when you knock on it), restricts the versatility and space that you’re looking for.

Install an operable wall system in your office and be able to create and dismantle a section anytime you want.

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You’re just a step away from an all-in-one nuisance proofing solution.


Seamless and Clean Design

An operable wall system is made up of several wall panels and sections. They are movable along the installed surface head track or recessed head track. This means you can choose whether you want a track to be placed on the floor or not. If you dislike having these tracks on the floor, it can be installed on the ceiling instead.

Saves Your Money

The operable wall system also allows for a continuous flat, faceted, to curved wall faces easily. This could save you a small fortune because there’s no need for any the expensive cementing and scaffolding.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Save time and cut out labour because these operable wall systems for offices can be controlled by a remote. Now, you not only have the manual version of operable walls but an electrically operated one as well.


Versatile and Space-Savvy

These operable walls are much more versatile to suit your office space, needs, and budget. When you need two rooms, you can utilise the walls and draw the partition. When you require a bigger space, you can simply disengage the wall panels easily.

The operable wall system works great for offices where minimal reconstruction is preferred.

Here at Integrate Systems Panel, you’ll receive only the highest product and service quality. Our specialist will be able to advise you every step of the way and help you make an informed decision for your office renovations.

In addition, we offer a larger range of materials and design that you can select from.

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