Operable glass walls are movable partitions made out of glass elements. This partition system has become an ideal solution to maximise interior space. With operable partitions, room sizes can be customised to suit any events, no matter big or small. Operable glass walls also come in paired panels, continuously hinged and single panelled to attune to your needs and preferences.

Operable Glass Walls are more than just walls. They are transcending boundaries and inviting an endless possibilities for the interiors of businesses and for homes.

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You’re just a step away from an all-in-one nuisance proofing solution.



Full View Of Your Space

The sleek and slim design and clarity of frameless glass panels help to maximise the influx of natural light. With a brighter environment, there is no doubt that these glass partitions will bring a positive effect to your brand and image.


Elegant and Sleek

Operable glass walls lavishes your surroundings and give it a completely fresh look. Installing clear walls that can slides open seamlessly creates a strong relationship between the inside and outside, configuring exterior spaces to outdoor rooms and give interior spaces a natural cooling sensation.

Integrate Systems Panel is Singapore’s leading sound-insulation glass partition manufacturer. With 20 years of experience in the business, the company has custom installation teams that are reputable in their fields. Integrate Systems Panel is your preferred choice when it comes to interior designs because of its dedication to fine details and customer satisfaction.

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