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Our Magic Glass Partition is a revolutionary smart product that presents you the flexibility of choosing between openness and privacy, with just the flick of a switch.


When you switch it on, an electrical current is passed through a layer of smart film within the glass. This causes the liquid crystal molecules in the film to align, allowing light to shine through the glass panes, revealing a clear glass panel.

When you switch it off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly distributed. This results in the scattering of light and the glass panel becomes opaque.


As it can switch from a clear to opaque mode, our Magic Glass collection is often used in upmarket hotels and hospitals, where it can either provide surgeons privacy or offer medical students an opportunity for viewing the surgery taking place.

Our Curved Glass Partition provides a sleek and unique look for any space. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, our Faceted Glass collection gives the illusion of curves, without compromising on cost-efficiency.

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