Enabling Smart Workplace Solution via Tech Panel

Enabling Smart Workplace Solution via Tech Panel Cover Image
Enabling Smart Workplace Solution via Tech Panel

Design trends in the workplace have always been changing, from cellular to open-planned offices, highly functional spaces to collaborative hubs. Many, if not all businesses have embraced these changes throughout times. Following the recent pandemic outbreak, trends are showing that many business are moving towards adopting smart workplace solutions, to limit surface touching as an effort to keep the workplace safe.

For instance, smart solutions that are recently increasing are Temperature Taking, Mask Detection or even Room Booking systems installed to safeguard the workplace. These systems are generally seen on digital panels outside a room and allow touch-less access to them. Also, supporting devices required for these systems are usually installed alongside them or hidden in a compartment.

However, for rooms built of glass partitions or glass walls, how can we install these systems while preventing the exposure of fixings or cabling, and seamlessly incorporate them into the office design?

Tech Panels

Our solution to this will be the use of tech panels, bespoke panels designed to integrate seamlessly with our office partition systems. With the use of tech panels, systems such as room booking systems can be mounted to the front of the tech panel or recessed. Additionally, cabling can also be concealed within the cavity and kept out of sight!

Slim Pole – Our New Variation of Tech Panel!

Catering to the growing smart workplace trend, we are introducing a new variation of tech panel, Slim Pole. Made of aluminium, the Slim Pole features a 155mm width and a gap of 60mm. Slim and sleek, this product is compatible with our SOLO Glass Partition System, a timeless and elegant single-glazed office partition.

Tech Panel Shop Drawing

Power Pole

For clients who prefer tech panels with a flush in-line system look, our Power Pole tech panel will be a better solution! Made of glass, Power Pole has a width of 300mm, and it is compatible with our range of SOLOSOLO PLUS and COMO glass partition systems.

Also, all of our tech panels can be customised to meet the requirements of the project and selected finish. Available finishes include powder-coated aluminium, anodised aluminium, and laminated glass. Additionally, both Slim Pole and Power Pole are designed to fit within the glazing track, fully sealed into position to retain the acoustic integrity of the room!

Workplaces are evolving to embrace advancement in technology. From innovative start-ups to corporate organisations, companies are offering their employees means to work smartly with enhanced flexibility and mobility.

All in all, our tech panel systems not only help conceal all cabling required for devices and electrical switches but also complements the glass partitions and glass walls seamlessly. Contact us to find out more about our latest product – Slim Pole, or to enquire on the solution that addresses your requirements best!

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