Demountable Glass Partitioning

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Demountable Glass Partitioning

Acoustic glass partitions bring a range of benefits to the workplace – transparency, daylight, noise-cancellation, versatility, efficiency and the list goes on!

These glass wall panels are made from sheets of glass attached to the top and bottom aluminium horizontal rails, enabling a space to be divided for increased privacy and organisation. This is particularly beneficial when wanting to segregate meeting areas from the rest of the office. It instantly helps to create a new space while providing a sleek and elegant makeover.

Seamless Finishes

At ISP, we have three main systems (SOLOSOLO PLUS & COMO) that come in sleek and minimalistic designs, addressing the functional and aesthetic requirements of any workspace.

To achieve the illusion of continuous glazing and elegance, our glass partitions are bonded together with a glass-to-glass dry joint that encapsulates both panes of glass, providing a clean finish. This approach not only helps to eliminate unsightly junctions, but can also be installed at the client’s preferences, be it facets, straight lines, or graceful curves! This approach also allows an increase in light transfer and uninterrupted views.

Relocating Considerations

Moving office or changing the layout? No problem! Sitting between the ceiling and floor, our partitions are dismountable without causing substantial damages upon removal, apart from some fixings and sealant required. With the use of dry glass-to-glass joints, it does not cause any mess between the two panels, which aids the reusability for both the partition and the joint, reducing on possible wastage. This aids sustainability.

Silicone or Dry Joint?

Before the introduction of rubber strips that acts as a dry glass-to-glass joint, the glass partitioning industry used silicone to hold the panels together. While silicone joints are also demountable (removable with a knife), taking them off can be a messy process. Even though the panels can be reused if taken down and re-installed carefully, they have to be re-silicone once again into position, which is a time-consuming process.

In comparison, dry rubber joint holds the panes together discreetly with a minimal visible joint. Offering a professional finish, this solution proves to reduce installation time and onsite wastage.

Overall, ISP’s glazed partitions provide the ideal solution for dividing space seamlessly. Manufactured to the highest quality, our double-glazed partition, COMO, achieves an acoustics threshold of Sound Transmission Class, STC = 49! Providing the opportunity for both communicative and inspired work, ISP’s partitioning system is a simple yet effective solution to transform your workspace into an airy, bright and efficient working environment.

Integrate Systems Panel® provides high quality sound-insulation glass partitions. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are well trusted by award-winning interior design firms for bringing bespoke design ideas to life.


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