Operable walls are key to turning any small space into a world of possibility. Easily purposed as soundproofing objects, walls, and even decorative objects, they are a surefire way to impress your clientele. Integrate Systems Panel presents a creative team of staff, equipped to meet your operable wall company needs, from conceptualisation to execution.

As with most renovations and fixtures, your choice of contractor matters just as much, if not more, than your intended product. Integrate Systems Panel is a versatile company that can provide solutions to your any situation.


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Optional Space Usage

Functionality is key in the modern workspace, and implementing a permanent solution to segregate your spaces is simply too limiting of a risk to take.

With operable walls, the arrangement of items in your rooms remains ever flexible. Integrate Systems Panel will ensure that you maximise the potential of your optional space.


Maintain Privacy

One of the most integral aspects to maintaining hierarchy in an office is that privacy is allocated in a manner that is desirable. Operable walls will help with facilitating more spaces with the option of privacy.

This can serve a variety of purposes, including creating conducive meeting spaces as and when it is required. We’re here to listen to your needs and create spaces catered to your privacy needs, having made installations for numerous professional purposes.

Multi-functional Rooms

The way we see it, operable walls aren’t installation pieces, or walls. They are furniture objects, in their own right. Able to come with a variety of surfaces such as vinyl or glass, the are highly decorative in nature, and can even be accessorised further.

Depending on the purpose that you wish to achieve, making us your choice of operable wall company will help you think of more specific ways to use your operable walls. For instance, did you know that you could attach a whiteboard to your operable wall?

Integrate System Panels

The creative staff at Integrate System Panels are proficient and capable of maximising the expense that you put into operable walls.

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