Installing glass partition walls in your office or homes is a fantastic way to create the illusion of more space, allows light to flow through better and adds a touch of class to your interiors. Also, glass walls are an excellent way to divide a space into different purposes but still allowing for an open environment.

Be it single glazed solo panels or double glazed duo panel system, straight or curved glass, aluminum framed or frameless, a small installation or a big architectural project; you are in good hands with Integrate Systems Panel! With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and installing glass partition panels, you can safely trust our skilled team to handle your project with precision.

There are many advantages of using glass partition walls. Whether you are a meticulous interior designer or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build your first office, let us help you solve all your glass partition wall needs!


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You’re just a step away from an all-in-one nuisance proofing solution.


Creates a sense of positivity and wellbeing

The transparency of glass partition walls allows for optimal lighting conditions and brings about a bright and cheery atmosphere. This will resultingly lead to a greater sense of optimism which will have a positive impact on mood, overall well-being and work productivity.

Encourages a more transparent and healthy corporate culture

The feeling of openness in the office promotes better interpersonal communication between employers and staff through improved visual connection. Healthy work relationships build trust within the company and promote a positive corporate culture which is beneficial to everyone.

Of course, you can still enjoy privacy, especially in meeting rooms or VIP rooms, by choosing to use our double glazed glass panels for effective acoustic insulation or our Magic Glass (a special, switchable laminated glass). Partial privacy can also be created through frosted glass printing designs, privacy films or vinyl stickers.

Creates an illusion of a bigger and brighter space

Needless to say, transparent glass partition walls form an illusion of a bigger and brighter space by allowing light to stream through easily. No one likes to feel confined. This is particularly useful when you are dealing with the design constraints of small homes, offices or other spaces.


Elevates design aesthetics while being functional

Choosing to use glass in interior or architectural design brings about a sophisticated elegance to the space. Relevant design themes that suit glass walls are plenty and can range from minimalistic chic to industrial modernity, while not overlooking the functionality of walls.

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