Double glazed is a type of combination that is made using two pieces of glass sealed together with an air gap between them. A double glazed tempered glass is toughened and at least four times stronger than ordinary glass. This is an ideal option for windows in Singapore homes and offices given the round-the-year sunny climate and high-rise buildings.

If you are looking to get the best double glazed tempered glass in Singapore, Integrate Systems Panel is the right choice. We have been trusted with perfect glass solutions in Singapore for more than 20 years.

Our double glazed tempered glass is specifically designed to keep your interiors cooler. Our panels that are adept to fit into straight as well as curve window frames provide complete insulation from the heat outside. These have low heat conductivity keeping your air-conditioning at optimal performance.


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Reduced Condensation

Condensation causes mildew and mould, and it can be a serious problem, especially in Singapore’s humid weather. Condensation can sometimes rot timber window frames and cause health hazards, especially in buildings like old HDBs. Double glazed glass helps to reduce condensation by diminishing moisture accumulation on window panes. This not only ensures the durability of your windows but also avoids health scares for your family.


Noise Cancellation

These windows cancel out noise from outside of the house. If you would like a calmer, quieter home or a more efficient workspace, you need to get these panels. Our high-performance double glazing tempered panels can reduce outside noise considerably, making it a great investment if you live by a busy road or work beneath a flight path.


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