Here at Integrate Systems Panel, we specialize in glass panel manufacture and installation. We offer different types of glaze panels, one of them being the Double-Glazed Glass Panels.


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You’re just a step away from an all-in-one nuisance proofing solution.


DUO Panel System

Our Double-Glazed Glass Panels uses DUO Panel System resulting in glass panels that’re equipped with high acoustic performance enabling conversations or discussions held within the walls of these Double-Glazed Glass Panels to be unheard of by passersby.

It enables environment to be highly insulated audio-wise. Nothing can be heard beyond those glass frames thus making this Double-Glazed Glass Panels an ideal option for confidential meetings and whatnots.


Double-Glazed Glass Panels are flexible when it comes to configurations. They can be configured either in an ‘in-manner’ or ‘out’. Simply take your pick on what suits best.


Gone are the days when you fret upon unsightly wirings upon the installations of panels. Here in Integrate Systems, we ensure of no such sightings. Not even a peek.

We ensure that every wires and cables in the room where we ought to install those panels, be it the telephone lines or electricity, are all concealed.


Have an architectural or designer supplied item in mind that you find will go well with our Double-Glazed Glass Panels?

Don’t hesitate to inform us, for we’re able to incorporate them. Our Double-Glazed Glass Panels can fit anything be it items supplied by designers or other architects.


Welcomes Pre-Designs

We also do not shy away from pre-designs. We believe it’s important to listen to what our clients truly envisions for their space. This includes showing pre-designs.

Thereafter, we will work hand in hand to ensure that we will be able to achieve the closest, if not exactly, like how you – the client, had envisioned it.

Armed with more than 20 years of experience in this field, we can confidently assure you of our promising services including how our glass panels have all been tested and proven to have the highest sound impact tolerance.

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